Monday, December 12, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend... With No Water

Mr P and I were so excited for the weekend that we couldn't stand it.  We were supposed to make pizza, go out to the bars in Jersey City with our friend who was visiting for the weekend, go to the ever-so-fun Santacon and walk around the city with thousands of Santa Clauses, sleep in, relax, everything we really needed for a weekend at home.

Well, we got so far as making pizza and drinking a few beers (Montepulciano wine for me, thanks Sarah!), and dirtied half of our dishes when our water was shut off.  Jersey City has an ordinance where if there's a leak in a lead pipe, they shut off the water and tell the owner to replace the pipes going from the main line in the street to the home.  Yikes! 

Luckily for us, we met our wonderful neighbors who took us under their wing and let us use their "facilities" for the weekend, or until our plumbing/no-water situation gets fixed.  It's a good thing Mr P is a good cook and we like to entertain... we will be able to pay them back in food!  ...and by supporting their 40+ year old ice cream shop across the street!  Torico is currently closed for renovations, but hopefully opening soon, because we've only heard great things about it!

So, unfortunately, we did not get to go to Santacon, and we still do not have water, but we are making do, and we still had a great weekend with our new neighbor friend and our Philly friend in town for the weekend :D

But hey, look on the bright side....

{at least I don't have to make a costume for next year}

{at least we still got to eat Mr P's amazing pizza}

{ good....}

{at least our neighbor has water (and let us use it!!) so we could clean up this mess}

{at least I know I like pizza with anchovies now, who'da thought??}

{at least we still got in a margarita pizza with fresh basil, tomatoes, and caraway seeds}

{at least we learned not to use porcelain tiles for a pizza stone , ceramic with no glaze is the only kind to stand the high heat}

{at least they found the leak!!  it looked pretty crazy outside for a while}

{at least we have delicious breakfast sammich shops close-by to eat a good Saturday breakfast... mine was a ham egg and cheese croissant}

{at least we got to spend the weekend with our new neighbor friend and try out Beechwood cafe.. food was blah , but coffee was AMAZING}

{Mr P, as always , ordered the best dish of all of us ... a green salsa breakfast burrito}

{ blah eggs benedict... the yolk was cooked solid ...  usually rhe runniness of the yolk is the best part }

Cross your fingers we get water back soon!  I'm not sure how long Mr P can stand to go without being able to provide a 5-star meal for me every night ;)  jk jk

Cheers to a great week ahead :D

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