Sunday, January 1, 2012

merry new year.

Happy New Year!  ...Philly style... where New Year's Day is MUCH bigger than New Year's Eve.

Why? (you might ask)

THE MUMMER'S PARADE! (what the heck is that? you might ask)

well.... we're still trying to figure that one out.  But what we can tell you is that there is a LOT of drinking in public, random strangers wishing you a Happy New Year, and people dressed up in crazy costumes dancing, singing, and strolling through the parade and throughout the streets of Philadelphia.  

Sounds like a good time?  It surely was!

First, however, we celebrated New Year's like the rest of the world... on New Year's Eve!  Getting dressed up, spending time with good friends, watching fireworks, and drinking our butts off.

starting the morning off with some carbs

...hitting the road with more carbs.

Zack's cats are too adorable NOT to take pictures of them.

first time eating Ethiopian food at Almaz Cafe on 20th St. in Philly.  Great food and WONDERFUL service.

everything came with this spongy moist sourdough pancakes called Enjera.  Its used to tear off pieces and grab the food (instead of using utensils)  SOOO good! I could eat just the bread if I had to.

spiked eggnog and baby Riesling bottles to start off the night.
(notice my awesome super sparkly nails!  i can only get away with so many sparkles on NYE, so why not!?!? )

the shoes.

year 3 for my "annual" New Year's Eve super-sparkly dress

Mike and Dana know how to entertain. helps that their apartment has the best view of the fireworks on the Delaware river.

debating who's taller (I think I win by a hair... or a hair "poof")

Enough with NYE.... now onto New Years Day and the Mummer's Parade! (sorry, we didn't get great pics of the performances and costumes, there were sooo  many people and getting a good picture was nearly impossible)

impromptu liquor shot chocolates and breakfast at the future Mr. and Mrs. Dottin's loft :D

normally I hate it when things like Cheez-Its say they have "real" cheese, but I realized I never had "real" maple syrup until a few months ago... I guess I always ate "pancake" syrup ( totally not the same, and totally not nearly as good as "real" maple syrup... so... you gotta try it)

no words.  just.... no words.


City Hall.

the crew.

it was in the 50's! In PHILLY! In JANUARY!

future Mr. and Mrs.

After an exhausting weekend of NYE festivities and Mummer's Parade madness, we ate at Pietro's and ate good Italian pizza and pasta before heading back to NJ.

Hope you had a fun, safe, NYE, and cheers to a great 2012!


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