Thursday, December 13, 2012

jenn styled: holiday party update

never again will i make fun of those tweens and sorority girls taking bathroom mirror pictures.
after trying to take a photo of myself in my holiday party attire, i realized those girls truly have talent. i mean seriously. this is the best shot i got out of at least 20...
(no, that's not why i was 10 minutes late to the party, it was late because the 63rd st F train subway stop is practically 10 stories underground...)
anyways, it was a great party, at a great restaurant, with wonderful people. it was a much more intimate setting that my company's holiday party, and i kind of liked it that way!!


Helene said...

no you HAVE to still make fun of them bc they make the duck face and wear crazy push up bras! you look great!
Helene in Between

Unknown said...

gorgeous blog, lets follow eachother?
Let me know if you follow me I will follow right back!

Love, Carmen

Elsa de Diego said...

LOL...u look awesome! ;)