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Friday, January 4, 2013

Jenn Styled: Black and blue

My teenage self is cringing at my outfit.

My mid-twenties self says its a rockin' casual Friday look.

My teenage self says black goes with black, brown goes with brown, and blue goes with blue.

My mid-twenties self says who cares as long as it looks good? Mix it up! You wanna wear black and navy? Sure! Pair it with sparkly flats? Go ahead! As long as you rock it (no matter what looks you get from the khakis-and-collars-only peeps at work :P)

Cheers to the weekend!

p.s. first mobile post!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

jenn styled: oxfords

i know i'm practically the last one to jump on the style of wearing oxfords, but right now i can't help but to try to pair these with everything i own.
so far so good, because i've worn them everyday since saturday. with salmon pants, with leggings (shown, while waiting for a subway train), with black tights and a short lacy dress (same one from the last jenn styled! it was my NYE dress too), yesterday out and about in my pj's, and today with jeggings and a green silky top. plus these ones were a "trial" pair, at only $20 from papaya. when i wear them to pieces (it will be a sad, sad day) i might invest in a more durable, well-made pair.

how do you wear yours?
what do you think about oxfords? i feel like you either love 'em or hate 'em...
(obviously i'm a lover!)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

jenn styled: holiday party update

never again will i make fun of those tweens and sorority girls taking bathroom mirror pictures.
after trying to take a photo of myself in my holiday party attire, i realized those girls truly have talent. i mean seriously. this is the best shot i got out of at least 20...
(no, that's not why i was 10 minutes late to the party, it was late because the 63rd st F train subway stop is practically 10 stories underground...)
anyways, it was a great party, at a great restaurant, with wonderful people. it was a much more intimate setting that my company's holiday party, and i kind of liked it that way!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

jenn styled: holiday party

 1. H&M dress (basically this dress for the 90% of us who would just look hideous in it)
2. green tights (mine are opaque solid teal though)
3. vince camuto abril boots

mr p's holiday party is tonight, and this is a VERY close replica of my outfit. i think it's a perfect mix of not showing too much because it's a work event, but it's also a night on the town in manhattan, so it's gotta have a little bit of style. also, at my holiday party i kept it a little more professional because i was the employee... i'm the guest at this one, so it's ok to bring the hemline a wee bit shorter ;)

stayed tuned for the final product tomorrow!
...because we all know that after a work holiday party is NOT an appropriate time to be documenting anything on the internet :P