Friday, May 31, 2013

newbies in nyc

how do you entertain visitors in NYC who don't want to site-see, don't want to see museums, and don't want to walk a ton?

you do like the locals, and eat and drink yourself silly through the weekend!
....and insist they at LEAST go up in the empire state building (with prepaid tickets of course, less, line-waiting) and force them to put on their walking shoes (unless you want to use your entire vacation budget on taxis, you have to walk at least a few miles blocks to get anywhere).

i mean hey, i don't really want to see the statue of liberty AHHHGAIN, and in this food mecca, who wouldn't want to eat and drink all day?  besides the fact that i think i was in a food coma for the rest of the week, it was a pretty darn good weekend... you know, one of those ones where you forget to take your good camera with you because you go to restaurants so small there's only seating for 22 and bars are so rowdy the drinks are always 2-for-1 and the bartender brings them to your table 20 beers at a time (in 2 hands, no tray needed, 10 beers a hand, no big deal).

 photo 8168e28c-959c-459c-8fed-148ba04671e9_zps582a3869.jpg  photo 8125a529-4ada-4409-b149-1bb7f156a651_zps249ad350.jpg 
(ok ok, so they DID want to see times square... but afterward, they agreed with me: it's fun for about 5 minutes, then you wanna get the heck outta there but there's so many people you're stuck for a good half hour)

 photo photo2_zps5ca6ef62.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsccd1c121.jpg

 photo WP_20130518_001_zpscc094632.jpg

 photo WP_20130518_003_zpsb5bdff8a.jpg

 photo WP_20130518_005_zps6d8f481d.jpg

when my dad and his wife tina came into town a few weekends ago for the first time, we were on the go non-stop (well, except for the day the weather decided to drop a few 20 degrees and pour down rain  with insane wind)

we found out that skinner's loft in our neighborhood has a rockin' steak
(good lord it was good, tasted like summer)

i finally found a time at the frying pan when it WASN'T jam-packed
(turns out you have to get there before everyone ELSE gets off of work.  i mean, a bar on a boat really IS the prefect happy hour spot, isn't it?)

we got lucky at yunnan kitchen and walked right in to a table at 7pm on a friday night
(was it just me, or did that tingly-spicy fried chicken get even spicier?!)

we brunched and lunched at westville
(ahhh that dill dressing is to die for)

...and LITM
(hellllooo boozy watermelonade)

we had our fix of light and dark beer at mcsorley's
(those were the only two options. tina was not amused, but the rest of us could have stayed there all day :P) some more at our favorite weeknight happy hour spot, phebe's
(too bad it wasn't a weeknight and they didn't have 10-cent wings)

 photo 966776_4017351852508_1186599289_o_zps80dad0c6.jpg

...and of course it wouldn't be a weekend at OUR house if we mr p cooked dinner for the guests.  this time it was pork loin, red cabbage slaw, salad with our version of westville's dill dressing, and bread with a sampling of our many infused oils and vinegars :)

next time they come we'll have to spend a day at the beach, because that was an exhausting 4-day weekend!!


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Hi Jenn, I enjoyed poking around Beyond the Stoop.

This entry takes us off the beaten path, and I appreciate that! My name is Laura Beth from Perched on a Whim, and travel entries are amongst my favorites. NYC is a to-do for me; so thanks for filling us in on the goods!

Laura Beth