Thursday, November 7, 2013

my november is your january

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remember in january when all you see on tv is commercials for fitness stuff?  weirdo expensive diet plans, gym discounts, new home gym gadgets, weight loss supplements.... that's what i think about when i think of january.  i, too, have fallen into the trap a few times after packing on the pounds after the holidays (gosh we're surrounded by such great cooks and bakers!)

i want this year to be different, i want to get a head start on the fitness crunch before the holidays so maybe i'll already be in "dropping pounds" mode and won't go for that extra cookie (or 2 or 3), i declare that my november is your January.

when i came home from working in boston, i knew i had to make a change.  mr p and i were more diligent about going to kickboxing after work, but it wasn't enough for my goals. i joined another gym, i've been running an extra 10-15 miles a week, and i've been guzzling down goopy green smoothies and eating salads at lunch. 

i'm still pretty terrible on the weekends, eating more than i should, working out less than i should (aka not at all), and drinking precisely zero glasses of water.  i'll be the first to admit that I have no boundaries when we travel.  i'll still choose that Redd's Strawberry Ale over a light beer (or no alcohol at all), and it's tough to say no to delicious home-cooked meals that you don't get everyday (mr p's mom is a pretty awesome cook, so is he, but their styles are so different)

so, i push myself so hard during the week, many days getting in 2 workouts a day, and slurge on the weekends. with the exception of a mini jersey city bar crawl this weekend with friends from philly, i hope to stay a little bit more on track.

how do you stay on track on the weekends? do you work out? do you eat better? where does your motivation come from? i'm struggling here!

if you saw the above picture on instagram, you know that my recent motivation/inspiration is joy johnson.  yes, she passed away, but she also ran the new york city marathon 25 times AFTER turning 59.  with that said, no excuse is a good excuse to not find time to work out or eat healthy on the weekends....

regardless, i'm 6 pounds down... i gotta keep it up!



emi said...

love this idea. so smart to be ahead of the game! way to go!


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Unknown said...

GO YOU! Sigh. I have got to kick my butt into gear! I've been trying to eat vegan + no oil (for my boyfriend who has a heart condition), which really cuts off weight quickly, but I cannot seem to make myself run. I don't know why I hate it so much. I think if I did it everyday for like a month maybe it would stop sucking so much. I guess it would also help to have winter running attire. Maaaaaybe I will try! You're certainly inspiring me!

I hate motivating myself with weight because I feel like I never even get close to losing 10 or 15 lbs and then just give up. Maybe I should have that as a goal in the back of my mind and motivate myself to just get a run in every day?