Wednesday, December 4, 2013

barbados: bajans, haitians, caucasians, and asians, part 2

so by now you definitely know we went to Barbados last week (check it out, here , here, and here  if you haven't done do already).  but now it's time to show the REAL reason we went in the first place...

...the wedding, of course!

i'm not kidding when i say it was probably the most beautiful venue i've ever seen.  the place didn't even need any wedding decorations to be beautiful.  it was atop a hill overlooking the homes below, and the ocean beyond. the gardens were meticulously pruned with lush greens and tropical flowers, the infinity pool with sparkling blue tiles shined bright... and i guess the band with the steel drums added a nice touch to the ambiance ;)

 photo DSC05342_zps74b87bd8.jpg

 photo DSC05352_zps00bf2758.jpg

 photo DSC05366_zps108c7f55.jpg

 photo DSC05376_zps1653e429.jpg

 photo DSC05386_zps391fb2a4.jpg

 photo DSC05388_zps52735aab.jpg

 photo DSC05393_zpsec67996a.jpg

 photo DSC05394_zps3404d67c.jpg
(seriously, nobody looks better in a bowtie than him... especially when he's got that pretty lady on his side)

 photo DSC05399_zpsff606715.jpg

 photo DSC05400_zpsc09bbde6.jpg
(yes, that is the caribbean in the beyond)

 photo DSC05402_zps5dcef91b.jpg
(classiest way of incorporating orange, deep blue, and green into a wedding. favorite bridesmaid bouquet ever)

 photo DSC05403_zps4e1d89df.jpg

 photo DSC05404_zps00bc1677.jpg
(see, told you the flowers were beautiful)

 photo DSC05414_zps7438aeb4.jpg

 photo DSC05418_zps837ffd9a.jpg
(if it wasn't for the fact that that green, orange, and purple dress was sold out, we would have been twins at the wedding... is that dress not the cutest?)

 photo DSC05437_zps74591ce6.jpg
(why yes, that IS a fountain inside the wedding cake)

 photo DSC05442_zps5285f93e.jpg
(should have been labeled the "awesome" table)

 photo DSC05443_zpsbb393e3a.jpg

 photo DSC05444_zps20fb892d.jpg

 photo DSC05445_zps5a6dff45.jpg

 photo DSC05456_zpsbd777c53.jpg

 photo DSC05487_zps9e9eeccc.jpg

 photo DSC05501_zps412ce586.jpg
(party bus!! the driver hated us... a bus packed full of drunk people not ready to go home, still ready to sing and dance)

only 1 other wedding have i known as many people at the event, but this one takes the cake... the pre-wedding "party" was lounging on the beach, and the post-wedding party was the next day on a boozy catamaran cruise... stay tuned for more, we seriously felt like we were in a rap video (or i suppose a rihanna video, you know, being in barbados and all)

cheers to the happy couple!
thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!
we love you guys!


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