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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

urban sanctuary

have you found your urban sanctuary?

is it that big patch of grass in a park where no pets are allowed?

is it that spot that says "no trespassing" but you do anyways and you get away with it?

is it that cliff that's so high that the sounds of city life disappear?

is it smack in the middle of times square where the sounds are so loud, but strangely comforting?

last weekend we found "our spot". and it's just a short bike ride away.  we rode our bikes up (and up and up, literally) to the jersey city heights neighborhood where there's a sunday morning farmers market in riverview fisk park .  while the ride to get there was pretty intense with the steep hill and the incredibly hot and humid weather, the destination was worth it.  we picked up some cold brew iced coffees from mod cup coffee , perused the vendors at the farmers market in the park, picked up fresh vegetables for the week (including the biggest bunch of basil i've seen, purchased for just $2), snagged some stuffed croissants and perched ourselves up on a weird concrete platform overlooking the NYC skyline. 

 photo 5bb2f62d-cad3-407d-8527-39619d9613c7.jpg

 photo DSC08191.jpg

 photo DSC08198.jpg

 photo DSC08199.jpg

when scouting for a spot to eat our goods, we spotted what looked like the remnants of a really cool building. there's nothing left but just the foundation a few steps up from ground level.  do we go up there? it's so cool, why isn't anyone up there if we're allowed up there? is it going to fall apart if we go up there? my engineer mind said "lets do it! if its been here this long, 2 people aren't going to break it!"  in reality, just the edges were a bit worn out, and it was quite the nice hideaway.  hung likes sitting in the grass, but hates the bugs.  this was the perfect compromise! a picnic on the concrete :P  we had the best views though, so it really was a great spot.  it was quiet, there was a breeze, we felt alone.

yeah, we'll be heading back.  if not for the spot, definitely for the coffee , THE BASIL, and the spinach-and-cheese-stuffed croissants.

jersey city, you win my heart again.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 under $50: dreaming of summer (dresses)

 photo 2014-02-04winterwonderland_zps42df0aa2.jpg
that was the view outside of my office yesterday... beautiful, but i'm ready for summer.

after working in boston for the majority of 2013 and watching the entire madmen series, i realized how netflix can suck the life out of you be so awesomely addicting! between the weather being a winter wonderland outside and me starting season 4 of gossip girl (where blair and serena are in paris for the summer), i'm desperately longing for summer.  all of their cute dresses and outdoor dining and riding with boys on vespas makes me want to skip right through the rest of winter and spring and go right to summer (who needs to celebrate a 27th birthday anyways?)

luckily for us, stores are already putting summertime dresses on the racks (err, on their websites?)

here are my top picks for dresses, all under $50!

5 under $50: summertime dresses
Dress #1 : i'm pretty obsessed with shirtdresses, and this one has the flattering A-line just about every girl needs.

Dress #2 : i picked up a heather gray dress with the same cut last year at nordstrom rack and it's super comfy and super flattering and figure-forgiving.

Dress #3 : i love the bright colors, and i'm such a sucker for sleeveless sheer-top dresses!

Dress #4 : what a classic dress. toss on a big floppy hat and flip flops for summer, or pair with bright tights and a cardigan for winter.

Dress #5 : hung loves peter pan collars, so this one easily made the list ;)

for now though, stay warm and dry, summer will be here soon!


p.s. all of the featured dresses are from . i'm fairly obsessed with that site right now.