Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend: change of plans

our last relaxing weekend before the big st patty's day trip to chicago didn't exactly go as planned, but it all worked out in the end :D
 we're still here, and we're still SUPER excited for the upcoming weekend, seeing family and friends and eating LOTS of good food to boot!

friday we were supposed to go to the gym, but our landlord's daughter and boyfriend was staying downstairs for the weekend, so we invited them over for dinner and drinks instead.  that was so much more fun than getting sweaty in a stinky gym anyways!

it was round 2 for the grill and steaks!  except this time mr p pounded out the steaks and tenderized them so 2 steaks were PLENTY of food for the 4 of us.  he sliced the steaks super thin and put them on a plate in the middle for everyone to take as much as they pleased.

saturday we were supposed to go to a bar in brooklyn to see a band play, but i ended up working at a refinery all day, and totally didn't feel up for it.  mr p and i decided to grab some vietnamese food at nha trang and get our grocery shopping out of the way (trying to steer clear of the crowds, but that's basically impossible at our shoprite... EVEN on a saturday night)

sunday we were supposed to get laundry done, go to the gym, (since we basically had an excuse everyday last week as to why we didn't go), and make food for the week, but mr p and i both had a bit too many mimosas at brunch at caliu in the west village (2 hours of unlimited drinks included with brunch... just. plain. craziness.) and we felt awful ALL DAY

i don't need any more mimosas for a VERY long time.

THE burger. only a man would eat this burger. 60% beef, 40% bacon.
(but... i tried it, and it was SO good)

nick and mr p couldn't decide between the 60/40 burger and the chorizo burger, so they went halvsies (how cute)

my eggs benedict.  perfectly runny. served with truffled hash browns and jalapeno hollandaise sauce.

christina's omlet :D

this is what mr p does when he has too much to drink.  he tortures our friends.

...then he convinces them to take pictures together.

then he has a random dance party inside the tiny restaurant.
....aaaaaand then we take the train home and take a four-hour nap.
we DID , however, make food for the week... after taking that 4-hour nap.  we basically made lasagna, but without the fuss of the stupid big noodles and making all the layers. we, instead, used rigatoni, and just mixed everything together and baked it. we added fresh mozarella (cubed), ricotta, and ground beef (browned with onions and garlic) to the tomato sauce, and sprinkled parmesan on top.  mr p made his own spaghetti sauce, letting it simmer in a dutch oven on the stove top for a few hours before adding the rest of the ingredients and baking (you COULD use jarred pasta sauce and do the same thing, but we find it much more tasty to make our own sauce using crushed and whole-peeled canned tomatoes and adding fresh basil and spices)

we made enough for 2 boxes of rigatoni.  we will be eating it every meal until chicago. no joke.  but it's ok. it's pretty darn tasty!

cheers to a 4-day workweek!


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