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Monday, July 16, 2012

beach babes

last weekend we went to norfolk, va to spend time with GREAT friends who recently moved away, and to spend time with mr p's family.

we spent time at the farmer's market, beach, and pool eating seafood, hotdogs, and all 13 cookies we bought at the farmer's market...

the ocean water was like bath water, unlike our last trip to the beach!! and i couldn't stay away from mr p's cousin's cutie patootie (halfie!!) kiddos.... as if you couldn't tell from the number of photos i took of them. amelia was such a ham for the camera, while clayton was the shy one (though anything BUT shy in person!)

thanks to nick and christina for letting us crash on your futon all weekend and for being our chauffeurs, and thanks to kat (and emily!) for hanging out with us and letting us smother the kiddos all weekend :D

only one weekend of relaxing at home before i'm leaving mr p to have a girls weekend in denver!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy birthday, murica

jello shots

all on a tuesday and wednesday?

burgers and beer before the game at molly blooms ... and go mets!  
(from the VERY last row... best. seats. EVER!)
fireworks, piggie-back rides (mr p: "man, i feel like mario riding on yoshi!" (immediately nick stops, crouches, and sticks his tongue out "bloop bloop"...), stroll through grand central, and (ugh) jello shots.

 festive empire state building, mr p and christina have a quick heart-to-heart, and mr p orders THREE mcgangbangs (well, one for me, two for him)
miracle grow in full form... so ready for those babies to turn red and juicy!
backyard oasis, complete with a blow-up pool and tiki torches, courtesy of my awesome upstairs neighbor!

3 most adorable pups ever... also courtesy of my awesome upstairs neighbor
(of course, not cuter than my boy stewie , but he's 600 miles away)
winners for being most festive!  these girls are roommates to the owner/baker of brookie cookie , and my friend jo brought this awesome dessert pizza! (brought the toppings separate, so the bext artist of the group could turn it into a patriotic pie :P)

after we stuffed ourselves with grilled food, lots of desserts, and jello shots (again, courtesy of that awesome girl above us), we ventured to hoboken to catch the BEST view of the macy's fireworks   (yep! those ones you watched on TV!) , with the manhattan skyline lining the background.

happy birthday america!!

now it's back to work... while all the people with more than 2 weeks vacation turned their weekend into a 5-day weekend.
someday, jenn... someday.

how did you spend your holiday!? hopefully seeing at least SOME fireworks!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

bbq and booze

if you have even just an OUNCE of backyard space when you live in the city, what's the best way to use it!?!?

bbq and booze, of course!!


1. it's too shady to lay out.
2. it's too small to play any fun yard games (it's not even big enough for cornhole , people!!)
3. there's no grass, only concrete and mulch
4. most of our friends don't have outdoor space, so we share the wealth by bbq-ing and booze-ing
5. we LOVE to cook, we LOVE to entertain!!