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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

farewell to 2012

goodbye, 2012, you've been good to us!

i did a fresh start detox (which i will be doing again! a modified version though...)

we tried out and created so many new recipes and kitchen tricks, including microwave potato chips, sesame pork, crunchy granola, and many more.

we became obsessed with going to kickboxing at JC Taekwondo, and will hopefully continue to go regularly for as long as we can :)

we explored our neighborhood a lot more, and enjoyed our days and nights out in NYC too.

i got to be involved with the transportation of the enterprise space shuttle, and i gardened for the first time! just 2 tomato plants and 1 mint plant, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

we traveled alot, going to ohio, florida, DC, virginia, mexico, colorado, and many trips to philly... weekends at home were few and far between.

we survived hurricane sandy, with the hudson river rising to just a block and a half from spewing into our house, and we might have made the best halloween costumes ever, i'm not sure that 2013 will be able to top 2012 on that one...

the best part of 2012 is definitely all of the amazing friends we have made this year! it has helped us grow to love where we live and love our lives on the east coast, even though we are WAY too far from our families (and way too far from close friends that moved away, you buggers!)...

if 2013 is just as good, i'd be a perfectly happy girl :)

cheers to the new year!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

holy 1 year

1 year? really?  this blog is already ONE YEAR OLD!?!?

feels like it was just yesterday i was writing my first post, talking about making rhubarb jam poptarts !

...and found out that we were moving
(wait, we've been in jersey city for 9 months already?? i still don't have everything in its place yet!!)

...and decided i was doing a month-long detox
(that i'm seriously thinking about doing again... it felt SO good!!)

...and changed the name of the blog from "Two Peas Teeny Pod" to "Beyond The Stoop"
(does anyone remember this header!?!?)

...and had lots and lots of family visitors
(i say this all the time, but who's NEXT!!?)

....and got a rockin t-shirt tan from working on the space shuttle transfer lift in manhattan
(realized AFTER i got to work today that my short sleeves today are MUCH shorter than they were while working on the shuttle. it's like i'm TRYING to highlight my awesome tanlines.)

so what's new coming up in the NEXT year of blogging!??

you'll get to see me check out Denver , Mexico , Florida (ahhh can't wait to see THIS little guy's face again!!), and of course trips back to our homeland of Ohio.

but ALSO!

i want to start taking this blog seriously.   logically the next step is sponsoring blogs and gaining advertisers... but i'm just not ready for the "gaining advertisers" part.  or at least REAL advertisers.  like, ones that pay MONEY to do it.

so, i want to start with button-swapping!   it helps you, it helps me, it helps readers find new awesome bloggers. it's not just a win-win, it's a win-win-WIN!!
(ok that was a cheeseball statement, apologizing now)

if you want to button-swap with me, email me at

can't wait to start showing off your lovely faces in my sidebar :D


p.s.... new year, new do.

(not sure why i look scared outta my mind in the first pic. or why i thought it was ok to let my brown roots grow to over an inch long with almost-bleach-blonde hair, but you get the point. new cut, new color, so happy!) 

thanks mr p, for being my stylist (cut only, color done by balance , the crazy salon near my house), manicurist , and personal chef .  i'd be a lot poorer without you
(well, and lonely too, but that's a given :P)